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Thank you for your interest in media coverage for idle AUTO EXPO 2k24. Please complete and submit the e-form below to get media accreditation. It is mandatory. Once approved you will be given a social media badge to display as an official photographer for IAE2k24. 



  • No professional Camera equipment allowed into the show area without any media accreditation. 

  • No Drones allowed unless you have authorisation to utilise it. 


Thank you for registering! You will receive a confirmation email with more details 

Terms & Conditions


  1. I fully understand and accept that media participation at idle Auto Expo shall be undertaken at my own risk.

  2. All media personnel will be subject to a search on each day due to goods being brought into and out-off the venue daily, as there are no weapons, alcohol, drugs, professional camera equipment (unless you have a media pass) or pets allowed.

  3. I hereby authorise the Organisers or any of its sections to act on my behalf in respect of any circumstances pertaining to any accident, illness or misfortune arising from, during, or in connection with the above activity in the manner that the Organiser or any of its sections in their absolute discretion deem fit. I fully accept complete liability for all expenses incurred thereby or in connection therewith.

  4. All media personnel are responsible for the insurance of any goods brought by them into the show exhibition area. The Organiser/ Montecasino/ Sponsors will not be held liable for any loss in respect of such goods from any cause whatsoever and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, whether by theft, fire, breakage and/or negligence of any persons.

  5. The Media personnel hereby authorises the Organiser to use their name and submitted photographs for promotional purposes on the organisers social media platforms and in so doing, the Organiser undertakes not to use such details in a derogatory fashion or manner. 

  6. The entrant hereby certifies that he/she recognises the inherent hazards that exist on the premises of Montecasino and that they enter the property entirely at their own risk and therefore the entrant waives any claims of whatsoever nature against the organisers of idle Auto Expo/ Montecasino their employees, agents, partners, hosts, sponsors and/or mandataries in respect of any loss/ damage/ injury and/or death whether same is the result of any negligent act or omission on the part of the Organisers/Montecasino their employees, agents, partners, hosts, sponsors and/or mandataries or other independent contractors or by a third person or by way of defective equipment or materials supplied by the associated companies.

  7. The media personnel hereby indemnifies the Organiser/Montecasino/Sponsors, their employees, agents and/or mandataries against any claims from the entrant and/or from any other person, arising and being caused in the manner set out above.

  8. "Right of Admission Reserved"

  9. The entrant must adhere to all relevant Covid-19 regulations, if any at the time of the event.

  10. NO DRONES ALLOWED unless you get authorisation to operate the device at idle Auto Expo 2k24. This authorisation needs to be emailed to no later than 30 June 2024. 

  11. All accredited media personnel are only allowed to utilise camera equipment in the Event area and not anywhere else in the Montecasino complex. The Organisers nor Montecasino management will be held responsible for any camera equipment or drones being confiscated. 

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