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RC Drifting is one of the most popular and fastest growing areas of RC (Radio Controlled) Cars. It is a sport that combines real world drifting techniques and car setup scaled down to 1/10th of the scale. Just like 1:1 scale drifting, it is not about who crosses the line first that wins but who has the better chase and lead skill. It's a great thrill to drift sideways around the track in your realistic looking scale drifter. Professional drifters require a car that is highly customisable, drifters need the ability to configure their suspensions, steering and power to match their car to different circuits. The founders from EDC (Edenvale Drift Circuit), a professional RC Drift organisation are the hosts for our RC Drift section and they will run and judge a full 2(two) day drift comp dubbed FALKEN TYRES CHASE RC Drift-Off according to their rules and regulations.

The shows organisers are also passionate about the RC Drift scene and together with the guys from EDC and relevant sponsors we are hoping to inspire and get more youngsters involved, possibly getting them to join the EDC organisation.

Check out the video below from EDC


Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to the scheduled show date to a later date may be brought on by the South African Government, event promoters or local authorities. In such cases, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.


  • Only 1:10th scale electric powered Chassis.

  • Drifting Chassis must have a body.

  • Only Lexan / polycarbonate bodies are allowed.

  • Lexan body to be painted and resemble a real car.

  • Wheels and tyres must be within the body arches. A Maximum of 2mm will be allowed to stick out from the body. (If you are not sure please do ask) 

  • Minimum wheel base length 255mm.

  • Wheel bolts must be standard - not allowed to stick out more than 1,5mm outside of the rim. 

  • Parts on the chassis may not stick out, and sharp parts must not be mounted onto the chassis or frame. 

  • M-chassis, mini and micro-chassis are not allowed to be used.

  • No motor restrictions except that it must be 540 size.

  • No ESC (electric speed control) restrictions.

  • No Servo restrictions. 

  • No weight restrictions. 

  • No height restrictions. 

  • No gyro restrictions on RWD models.  

  • No C (Current) or mAh (Milliamp Hour) restriction on batteries.

  • Battery in chassis has to be secured against movement.

  • Dedicated drift tyres for the event is allowed only.

  • Must have a dedicated 1:10 RC Drift chassis and shell

  • Must have a dedicated Remote Control for the Drift Car

  • Must have all accessories for the drift car to drift e.g. motor, esc, receiver, servo, gyro, battery and charger etc.

  • Remote must bind with RC Drift car only. (If AM/FM crystals are used, frequency must be provided)

  • Each drifter is to behave in a normal and polite manner at the Track.

  • No drunken or disorderly behaviour will be allowed. If you are causing a disturbance, you will be asked to leave the event or security will escort you off the premises.

  • All drifters are expected not to take or destroy any belongings of others and respect other persons at the track

  • All drifters are to respect the bystanders or spectators as well as the judges and other drifters.



  • All chassis entered will be scrutinised by the judges as per car requirements.

  • Qualifying runs will be done by each driver as per listing by the MC to determine which position they will fall into for tandem battle knockouts.

  • Qualifying runs will start at the Lead position.

  • Run the perfect lap as indicted during the Driver briefing session during qualifying runs.

  • During battles, the Lead driver will always be the driver who Qualified best.

  • Drivers will position at start line.

  • No rocketing off this line is allowed, Rolling starts are expected ? otherwise restart can be called.

  • Drivers will be expected to start their drift initiation just after the Drift line which will be marked on the track

  • There are two runs per battle

  • Each contestant takes turns to lead and follow

  • At the end of both battles, contestants overall scores will be calculated and compared 

  • Highest total score wins the battle

  • Points from both chase and lead runs are simply added together to get an overall score 

  • If lead car goes off line, the chase car must follow if within proximity. Lead car will be penalised for being off line. Follow car will not be penalised and is allowed to be off line until lead car is back on line. Chase car can gain points for proximity if the follow car maintains the proximity through that section and will also gain additional points for the box missed due to lead being offline

  • During a battle, no matter what happens, both contestants must continue to finish the course of the track unless otherwise advised by the judges or MC. 

  • "5 Minute" repair time can be called by the driver during his turn for a chassis defect whereby the chassis is not on track or the run has not yet started

  • "One more time" can be given to equal overall scoring runs

  • Each driver is expected to follow the drift line as indicated during the driver's briefing

  • Proximity is one car length only, this is approximately 50cm, more then this will not be within proximity

  • Box points will only count if the driver enter and exit the box as indicted during driver's briefing

  • Judges decision is final decision, do not attempt to approach the judges in an unpleasant manner

  • Accidents are: Car collision visible on car, wall collision visible on car, Spin/over rotation, loss of control, crossing a T-Marking or barrier line

  • Sandbagging: When a lead driver slow down nearly to a stall or brakes at a position where braking is not necessary and causes the follow car to collide or swerve out and have an accident

  • Spin/Over-rotation is: When a car's rear is at 120 degrees or past the point to bring it back into the drift line

  • Straight line is: This is when the rear wheels travel the same line as your front wheels for more than a car length



No penalties 

  • If chase car touches lead car but doesn?t affect its drift. Please note that this is a subjective matter and it is dependent on how the judge sees it. Best to keep close and not to touch the lead car. 

  • If you scrape the wall and it doesn?t affect your drift ? again up to judges and you should be close to the wall, but you shouldn?t be touching the wall. 

One-point penalty for each: 

  • Wheel steering adjustment during drift (does not apply to follow car on proximity) 

  • Wheel shake 

  • Touching the curb (for lead car/ during qualifying lap) 

  • Losing drift temporarily 

  • Wall tap that affects your drift but does not cause driver to spin out or crash 

  • Tapping the driver in front and affecting his drift but not causing an accident / spin 

  • If you cross the T-markings 

  • Sandbagging without causing an accident

  • Straight line


Points awarded for: 

  • Proximity in each zone

  • Box bonus points

  • Staying on line


Loose Score / Did not Finish (DNF)

  • When qualifying, or when a OMT was called, DNF does not apply. Instead, a 5 point deduction will be given

  • Loss of drift

  • Spin / Over-rotate

  • Wall hit that cause the car not to drift in same drift line

  • Any Accident

  • Sandbagging causing an accident

  • Crossing T-Marking or barrier line

  • Chassis defect during battle


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  • NB. Entry into idle Auto Fest is FREE but registration through Quicket is mandatory, click on the Quicket logo above to register for your free pass on both show days.

  • CHASE RC DRIFT-OFF is pre-entry only, Entry Fee is R100.00, non-refundable

  • When registration is submitted you will receive an email with banking details to effect immediate payment. 

  • Only once we receive a completed registration form and full payment will the entry be valid. 



  1. I fully understand and accept that participation in the above activity shall be undertaken at my own risk.

  2. No refunds due to bad weather, unavailability to attend or if Covid-19 regulations force the Organisers to move the event to a later date. The Organiser has flexibility with Mall Of Africa to move the date. The show has a rain date 28-29 May 2022. 

  3. All entrants will be subject to a search on each day due to goods being brought into and out-off the venue daily, as there are no weapons, alcohol, drugs, professional camera equipment or pets allowed.

  4. I hereby authorise the Organisers or any of its sections to act on my behalf in respect of any circumstances pertaining to any accident, illness or misfortune arising from, during, or in connection with the above activity in the manner that the Organiser or any of its sections in their absolute discretion deem fit. I fully accept complete liability for all expenses incurred thereby or in connection therewith.

  5. The entrant is responsible for the insurance of any goods brought by them into the show exhibition area. The Organiser/ Mall Of Africa/ Sponsors will not be held liable for any loss in respect of such goods from any cause whatsoever and without limiting the generality of   the foregoing, whether by theft, fire, breakage and/or negligence of any persons.

  6. The Entrant hereby authorises the Organiser to use their name and submitted photographs for promotional purposes on the organisers social media platforms and in so doing, the Organiser undertakes not to use such details in a derogatory fashion or manner. 

  7. The entrant hereby certifies that he/she recognises the inherent hazards that exist on the premises of Mall Of Africa and that they enter the property entirely at their own risk and therefore the entrant waives any claims of whatsoever nature against the organisers of idle Auto Fest/ Mall Of Africa their employees, agents, partners, hosts, sponsors and/or mandataries in respect of any loss/ damage/ injury and/or death whether same is the result of any negligent act or omission on the part of the Organisers/Mall Of Africa their employees, agents, partners, hosts, sponsors and/or mandataries or other independent contractors or by a third person or by way of defective equipment or materials supplied by the associated companies.

  8. The entrant hereby indemnifies the Organiser/Mall Of Africa/Sponsors, their employees, agents and/or mandataries against any claims from the entrant and/or from any other person, arising and being caused in the manner set out above.

  9. "Right of Admission Reserved"

  10. The entrant must adhere to all relevant Covid-19 regulations.

Terms & Conditions
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