There are 2 (two) processes to enter any of our Show and Shine comps below, the REGISTRATION ENTRY & the OFFICIAL ENTRY.

Pre-Entry is compulsory. 



  1. Use the Registration Form below to register your ride. 

  2. Registration is FREE (No cost involved) and only once your car is selected to compete at the show will you need to pay an Entry Fee.

  3. Make sure to enter all the required information and upload photos of your ride. 

  4. Should any info be outstanding your entry will be null and void. 

  5. When your entry is received you will be notified.

  6. Once all entries are received our in-house judges will choose the Top vehicles from each category to compete at the show.

  7. The owners of these vehicles will be notified thereof and they will need to pay an Entry Fee of R250.00 per vehicle for the entry to be valid.




  • All show cars will need to be on display from Friday 20 May 2022 (Setup day).

  • Once the cars have been parked, they may NOT be moved for the full duration of the show until Sunday 6pm. There is overnight basement parking (ONLY if there is any bad weather forecasted overnight) 

  • Exhibitors can also enter the cars that's on their display booths. Judging will be done at your booths. 

  • There will be Event security and Mall security to ensure safety of all vehicles, day and night throughout the weekend.

  • During show times owners or a representative must man their vehicles.

  • There is strict Rules & Regulations to be adhered to.




  • When registration is submitted you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Only once we receive a completed registration form with all required fields and all submitted photos will the entry be valid. 

  • Should you require any further info email:



  • Please specify in detail for each field

  • Please click on the tabs below to upload all required photos 

  • Photos must be clear and not exceed 1MB in size


Thank you for registering!

You will receive a confirmation email....



  1. ​Each vehicle is allowed one entry only

  2. All entrants must be 18 years and older

  3. Entries close on 29 April 2022 @ 5pm or when entries reach the limit per competition. (whichever comes first)

  4. All entrants that are selected to compete at idle Auto Fest must sign the vehicle exhibition form and pay an entry fee of R250.00 in order for the entry to be valid.

  5. Should there be a delay in submitting the above, stipulated in clause 4, the entrant will be replaced by the next available entrant.

  6. No refunds due to bad weather, unavailability to attend or if Covid-19 regulations force the Organisers to move the event to a later date. The Organiser has flexibility with Mall Of Africa to move the date. The show has a rain date 28-29 May 2022. 

  7. All vehicles and any occupants will be subject to a search on entry for setup and when you exit as there are no weapons, alcohol, drugs, professional camera equipment or pets allowed.

  8. The entrant is responsible for the insurance of their vehicles. The Organiser will not be held liable for any loss from any cause whatsoever and without limiting the generality of the  foregoing, whether by theft, fire, breakage and/or negligence of any persons.

  9. The entrant understands and agree's that by submitting the registration form above, the Organiser does not guarantee that the entrant will be selected to participate at idle Auto Fest. 

  10. The judges decision is final. 

  11. The Entrant hereby authorises the Organiser to use their name and submitted photographs for promotional purposes on the organisers social media platforms and in so doing, the Organiser undertakes not to use such details in a derogatory fashion or manner. The Organiser will remove all number plates.