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Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to the scheduled show date to a later date may be brought on by the South African Government, event promoters or local authorities. In such cases, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.



Should you need clarification on anything below please email us at:

  1. A Street Crew Must consist of a minimum of 5 Members and NOT exceed more than 12.

  2. Crew Sections will be broken up into 3 categories:   

    • KIDS Street Dance Crews 7-12 Yrs

    • Junior Street Dance Crews 13 and 16Yrs

    • Adult Street Dance Crews 17 and Over

  3. Ages of each crew will be calculated by taking the ages of each dancer on the 1st December 2022 and dividing it by the amount of members in the crew. The average age will determine the category in which the crew will dance. A crew member may Not dance Down an Age group but can dance up an age group. e.g. A 16 year old can’t dance in the KIDS category.

  4. Dancers are Required to have a valid SA Birth Certificate or ID Card as proof of age for the year 2022.

  5. Each Crew will only be required to dance once for the Adjudicators to a Music Mix of their Choice Not Exceeding more than 2min30sec.

  6. In the event of more than 20 crews entering a section a preselection round will be done and will act as a semi-final. 

  7. Adjudicators will score each crew out of 100 using the below scoring system:   

    • Creativity & Entertainment 20

    • Technique & Execution 20

    • Formations & Highlights 20

    • Presentation & Grooming 20

    • Street Dance Styles Used & Musicality 20

  8. The Dancers awards will be in order of merit namely: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE.

  9. All TOP 3 Crew Members will receive a Medal and Certificate of their achievements.

  10. Each Crew will receive a Competitive Number that MUST be worn In front of one Members chest with 4 safety pins.

  11. Crew Routines can consist of any Street Dance Styles that best suits their Dance Style of the Crews Brand. Dancers can represent one style or numerous styles. CREATIVITY AND ENTERTAINMENT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

  12. This is NOT a Beginner Dance Competition.

  13. All Crew Music Mixes Song choices must not contain any profanity and must be suitable for a Family Audience. Crew music Mixes must be sent to the organisers 7 Days Prior the event for approval.

  14. Crew Music Mixes can consist of Different Street Dance Style Songs that best represent the Street Dance Culture.

  15. Please ensure that there is No Copyright Infringement on any Crew mixes Used..

  16. Crew Dancers must wear any Street Dance Style outfit that best suits their Crew Dance style. Clothes must be age appropriate, fit well and be for a Family Audience. Crew Dancers that are NOT dressed correctly will be disqualified. Photos of the Crew clothes can be sent to the organisers for approval.

  17. No PROPS Allowed and NO Taking off of clothes on stage. Dancers may use their clothes to enhance their performance but May not be Thrown off.

  18. All Crews can use Dance Lifts/Highlights form Cheerleading/Breakdancing or Acrobatics but must be executed correctly and Not put any Dancer in Danger.

  19. Crew Dancers do NOT have to dance with a FACE MASK.

  20. Judge’s Decision is Final. No Crew BATTLEs.


Dance categories

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